CRF leadership

Management team

Frank Altman

Frank Altman, CEO

Frank Altman is founder and CEO of Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF), an innovative national CDFI that is committed to collaborating with others to fill gaps in access to more

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson, President and Chief Financial Officer

As President and Chief Financial Officer, Jennifer Anderson is the key financial decision maker for the organization and has primary responsibility for the stewardship of CRF’s financial more

Keith Rachey

Keith Rachey, Senior Vice President of Development and Community Advancement

As Senior Vice President of Development and Community Advancement, Keith Rachey is responsible for developing and executing the business strategies necessary for CRF to... read more

Eric Chapin

Eric Chapin, General Counsel

Eric Chapin advises CRF on corporate legal issues and oversees corporate compliance activities. As General Counsel, Chapin helps CRF leaders to... read more

Daniel Komarek

Daniel Komarek, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Dan Komarek oversees the Risk, Credit Policy and Asset Management shared services (functions) for CRF and its affiliates. He is also responsible for,... read more

Debra Mounsey

Debra Mounsey, Vice President of Human Resources

Debra Mounsey leads CRF's organizational development capacity, including business strategy creation, strategic planning process facilitation and... read more

Jennifer Novak

Jennifer Novak, Senior Vice President of Capital Markets

Jennifer Novak is a seasoned financial professional with proven experience to lead, manage and implement complex financial transactions. With a length track record of building... read more

Michelle Page

Michelle Page, Vice President of Loan Servicing

Michelle Page is responsible for the loan servicing and management of CRF's loan assets. She directs and manages decisions and actions that affect and minimize... read more

Nick Elders

Nick Elders, Vice President of Technology Solutions

Nick Elders is the Vice President of Technology Solutions at CRF. He is responsible for CRF’s information technology group, which includes establishing,... read more