Funder spotlight

The passion of those who see jobs as an end to poverty

We are grateful for the support we’ve received from foundations, corporations, and individuals to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities and strengthen distressed communities through innovative finance.

Sam's Club

The Sam’s Club Giving Program and CRF began collaborating to expand access to capital for entrepreneurs in 2010.Over the course of the last five years, Sam’s Club Giving has provided CRF with.... read more

Terry Saario

Honored corporate and non-profit board member, philanthropist, and international leader for social change and economic development, Terry Saario has served as former President of the Northwest Area Foundation... read more

Vance Opperman

President and CEO of Key Investment, Vance Opperman is a nationally recognized leader and philanthropist, serving as director on education, healthcare, law, and corporate boards... read more

Gene Swanzey

Business leader and lifelong philanthropist, former Chase Manhattan Bank Senior Vice President, and longtime senior advisor to Chase’s chairman, David Rockefeller... read more