Dog Stop Monroeville

Community impact

  • A projected 6 new jobs
  • 50% woman-owned
  • 50% veteran-owned

Tammy Richards and James McGreehan, both dog lovers, dreamed of opening a kennel-free doggy daycare in Pittsburgh. Richards, a seasoned business professional, works at Honeywell as an Assistant Controller. McGreehan, a US Army veteran, is completing a BS in Public Administration and served as a public safety employee and regional director of a national non-profit.

After being turned down for a small business loan by seven banks, the pair were close to throwing in the towel. Fortunately, they talked to another Dog Stop owner who referred them to Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF).

After digging into the story behind the numbers and finding the co-owners extensive business experience, a growing industry and strong community impact, CRF was able to provide a $150,000 small business loan.

"CRF helped us accomplish our version of the American dream. We just can?t say enough good things." James McGreehan, co-owner the Dog Stop Monroeville.

The Dog Stop Monroeville opened in October, 2014.