Apply for ppp loan forgiveness

Apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness

Paycheck Protection Program borrowers may be eligible for full or partial loan forgiveness. Understanding how to get your PPP loan fully or partially forgiven and completing the application properly can determine any repayment requirements after your deferment period.

CRF can help you work through the loan forgiveness process, including new changes mandated by new forgiveness rules. We will keep you updated as additional guidance from the SBA is received.

Step 1: Forgiveness Inquiry.
Complete and submit the form below. Please review your submission for accuracy before submitting. This will help us activate your forgiveness account in a timely manner.

Step 2: Forgiveness Invite.
After we verify the information in your inquiry, you’ll receive an invite to begin your PPP forgiveness application using SPARK, the same lending software used to process your initial loan application.

Step 3: Login and Start Application.
By using a link* in the invite, you’ll be able to login to your SPARK account and begin your forgiveness application.

Step 4: Submit to the SBA.
Once your forgiveness application is complete and has been reviewed by CRF, we will submit it to the SBA for final approval. The SBA will make a final decision on the eligibility of your application.

Forgiveness Inquiry

  • (includes customers of CRF, First Republic Bank, and Community First Fund)

Please check back on the CRF website for the latest forgiveness updates and for additional resources.

*Note: this link will expire five (5) days after the invite is sent. Please activate your account within this window to ensure that your forgiveness application is processed as quickly as possible. If your link is expired, please contact the CRF Customer Care team at

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