Michelle Page


Michelle Page

Vice President of Loan Servicing

Michelle Page is responsible for the loan servicing and management of CRF’s loan assets. She directs and manages decisions and actions that affect and maximize the financial value of the loan assets. Page has 25 years of experience in loan operations and loan servicing.

During her career, Page has worked at several community banks in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area primarily focusing on streamlining processes, centralizing operations and creating efficiencies in the overall loan operations of the organization.

Page is responsible for the total quality management of the loan servicing function, and directs design or redesign of business processes, and continuously improves upon processes, in order to contribute directly to the overall growth, stability and profitability of CRF.

Other key roles and duties include: business and department planning and general management; management reporting; talent recruitment and development including succession planning; product development gatekeeper and executive sponsor, customer relationship management of investor and corporate trustees; vendor management; measurement; ensure integrity of data; document management; department’s budget management; and total quality control management. Page is also part of the organization’s Complex Capital Solutions team, which conducts comprehensive assessments of community capital needs, including loan servicing.

Prior to joining CRF, Page was vice president of loan operations at MidCountry Bank and was responsible for oversight of branch loan support, loan servicing, quality control department and consumer underwriting. She holds a bachelor’s degree from North Dakota State University.

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