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We finance business loans that don’t fit a conventional bank lending model

CRF works with a variety of partners and leverages their institutional knowledge of the communities they serve to connect us with the small businesses that are best positioned to secure and enhance the future of our communities. Our community partner network includes business advisors, community banks and credit unions, brokers, CDFIs, local governments and other organizations that are committed to improving the lives of people living and working in communities with economic challenges. These partners each have proven track-records in the communities they serve and a deep understanding of needs and gaps in the finance system.

Our partners often refer small business owners to CRF when loan applications fail to meet the criteria of traditional lenders. CRF then assesses the needs of the small business and works to provide the best financing solution possible. We’re experienced, we’re quick with an answer and we pride ourselves on delivering a positive customer experience.

Loans between $150,000 and $4,000,000

Funds for commercial real estate, business acquisition, equipment, debt refinance, and permanent working capital.

Responsible, Responsive and Trustworthy

As a non-bank, highly responsive SBA Preferred Lender, we’re often able to provide financing when traditional lenders can’t.


We work with referral partners across the country.

All loans subject to credit approval

The Process

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Step 1: Become a Referral Partner



Contact CRF to learn about our referral program. Once you sign a partnership agreement, we’ll work together to create a pipeline for businesses to access CRF financing.

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Step 2: Refer Businesses to CRF



After becoming a referral partner, we’ll work with you to understand the business needs of your referrals and identify financing options.

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Step 3: Work Hand-In-Hand with Business Owners and CRF



Once you provide the referral and funding request to CRF, we’ll work with the small business owner to gather all information needed to submit a loan application, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

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Step 4: Close Loan and Earn Referral Fee



When a loan closes and the small business owner receives funds, CRF will pay you a competitive referral fee.

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