Patient Capital Loans


Fair and Flexible Financing for Business

Loans for businesses with limited equity, cash flow or collateral

Businesses with high community impact sometimes need more than a loan; they need a lending partner that can help them break through to positive cash flow while replacing high-cost debt. The CRF Patient Capital Loan is designed to meet the credit needs of business owners who are not yet able to secure traditional financing, but whose business holds the potential to create jobs and economic vibrancy in economically challenged communities.

Patient capital loans can include flexible terms like interest-only payments for a period of time. If there’s a cash-flow issue in a small business, CRF can be patient while the business ramps up its sales and revenue. In addition, CRF believes that capital must be coupled with business advisory services to support management with advice as they grow the business, so that the probability of high social impact is increased.

All loans subject to credit approval



Are you working with a business in need of patient capital?

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