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To keep our local community informed, we are providing a list of initiatives dedicated to providing financial support to help businesses impacted by recent unrest. Please contact CRF to add initiatives or other programs to this list.

Resources for Minneapolis & St. Paul

Initiative Organization Description
We Love Lake Street Lake Street Council The Lake Street Council will utilize 100% of funds to help rebuild Lake Street, starting with direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve our neighborhoods.
Northside Fund WBC/NFG West Broadway Coalition in partnership with Northside Funders Group will direct all donations to support Northside businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 and the recent uprising
Rebuild for the Future Ameriprise Financial, BMO Harris, Bremer Bank, the Bush Foundation, CHS, Greater Twin Cities United Way, the Medtronic Foundation, The Minneapolis Foundation, and the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. Greater Twin Cities United Way has partnered with the Minneapolis Foundation and the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation to establish the Twin Cities Rebuild for the Future Fund to provide immediate support for small businesses owned by Black, Indigenous and People of Color that were damaged due to the civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd. The civil unrest sparked by the murder of George Floyd has resulted in significant property damage in cultural corridors where Black, Indigenous and People of Color work and own businesses – areas that serve as the life force of surrounding neighborhoods. The fund will cover repairs, equipment, technology, building materials, relocation expense and more to help support these small businesses.
Neighbors United Funding Collaborative Midway United The Neighbors United Funding Collaborative is helping the Midway + Union Park small business and nonprofit community rebuild their storefronts during this time of need. Hundreds of businesses have been devastated and need our support! Your donation will help rebuild our community in the months ahead. The goal of the Midway United fund is to sustain the vitality and identity of the Union Park and Hamline Midway neighborhoods.
Minneapolis Small Businesses A verified public figure that’s raising money for small businesses in Minneapolis. Rob Smith will donate money raised here to Lake Street Council and a few other causes (church, individuals, etc.)
Somali-owned Businesses Affected by Rioters Funds raised here will go towards Somali owned businesses, starting in the Midtown-Phillips and Uptown area. The individual who started this campaign, his father is the owner of one of these small businesses that were impacted by the civil unrest.
Small Businesses on Lake Street Minnesota Teen Activists started this fund to help small businesses that have been impacted by the civil unrest in Minneapolis. The funds raised here will go to owners of small businesses to help them rebuild, clean up and get their businesses back up and reopened.
We Love Saint Paul Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation The Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation is raising money to provide direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve our community. This is for Midway and the businesses across Saint Paul that were damaged in the civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd.
Share Your Love for Greater Longfellow Longfellow Community Council The Longfellow Community Council is the neighborhood organization for the Greater Longfellow community and they are raising money to implement a three-pronged strategy to aid in rebuilding their community: 1) Food and Security, 2) Safety & Security, and 3) Business Restoration.
Minority-Owned Businesses Harmed by Looting in MSP MEDA Funds raised here will go direct to the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) – a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that supports minority businesses in the communities most affected by the recent events.
Help Latino Community on Lake Street Funds raised here are for the Latino small businesses affected the civil unrest. This campaign is to support the Latino community and the individual raising these funds will be in contact with the business owners who need the funds and provide translation services as needed so that owners can receive the help they need.
MN Black Chamber Business Support MN Black Chamber The Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce believes that racial inequality and social injustice have no place in our business society. They believe we all must do our part to take action and make our voices heard. At launch, donations will support Minnesota Black Owned businesses by focusing on recovering, rebuilding, and reopening efforts through this difficult period.
Let’s Rebuild African Immigrant Businesses African Economic Development Solutions The African Economic Development Solutions created the Business Relief Fund to meet the needs of local African Immigrant businesses. The Business Relief Fund is a forgivable loan to keep small businesses open and continue contributing to the community.
Asian Business Recovery Asian Economic Development Association Asian Economic Development Association created a recovery fund to help local Asian Owned small businesses that have been impacted by the civil unrest. There are over two dozen small businesses that they are hoping to help provide grants to. In addition, AEDA will be providing technical assistance to these businesses as well.
East Side Business Assistance Fund East Side Neighborhood Development Center East Side businesses that have been impacted by the civil unrest will receive the donations raised here to help rebuild their storefronts, restock inventory, and reopen their businesses. 100% of the funds raised will be used to directly support these locally owned businesses.
Rebuild South Minneapolis: La Raza Fund La Raza Minnesota La Raza MN and 2 others are raising funds for businesses on Lake Street and they will work with the Lake Street Council and all of businesses to make ensure that the money goes to the owners of these businesses based on their needs.
701-707 E Lake Street Owners All funds raised here will go to the 4 small businesses at the location (701 -707 E Lake Street) to help them rebuild. The link provides more information on the four small businesses the funds will go directly to.
Longfellow Business Relief & Support Longfellow Business Association The Longfellow Business Association is committed to ensuring that those impacted and displaced can remain in the Longfellow Neighborhood. The funds raised will allow LBA to provide immediate and direct financial assistance to small businesses as well as help fill the gaps of those with inadequate insurance and fundraising shortfalls. Additional donations will allow LBA to support businesses through City & State advocacy, technical and structural support for the rebuilding process, and resource navigation for during this crisis and for the many months to come.
Lyndale Neighborhood Business Support Fund Lyndale Neighborhood Association This fund is for Lyndale Neighborhood businesses and 100% of the funds donated here will go directly to businesses who have had property damages during the civil unrest. Funds will be distributed to these small businesses quickly without burdensome hoops.
Lake Street Small Business Emergency Fund International Gateway Business Organization The International gateway is raising funds for minority owned businesses on Lake Street and the funds raised here will go to those businesses to support and help them.

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