Community-centered COVID-19 Recovery Program

A collaborative effort to increase access to capital and support for community-based businesses and nonprofits

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented and is crushing community-based organizations.


Smaller, community-level organizations – many of which operate in low income communities and are led by people of color – were already suffering from decades of discrimination prior to COVID, resulting in lack of access to affordable capital and an insufficient safety net.

If we do not intentionally create the right resources for these community organizations this crisis will widen the racial wealth gap, worsen outcomes for low-income and low-wealth communities, and wipe out an entire segment of our economy. 

This targeted recovery effort brings aligned organizations with complementary capabilities together across sectors

We are pursuing private funding until there is more significant, targeted support from the federal government

Phase 1


Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund

Status: Launched 3/31

Phase 2


National COVID-19 Impact Fund & Platform

Status: Fundraising

Phase 3


Federally funded SPV

Status: In discussion

on-demand webinar

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Beth Bafford

(For: Public sector, Bank/Institution, Philanthropy)

patrick davis

(For: CDFIs/Community Lenders)

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