Connect2Capital Marketplace

Connect2Capital Marketplace

A network of non-profit community lenders who share a vision

Too often small business owners are unaware of the full list of options they have when seeking financing. Especially for those who may be deemed ineligible for traditional financing options, the alternatives are often high-priced or non-existent. Along with our partners, we’re tackling this challenge head on.

The Connect2Capital Marketplace helps small businesses connect to a network of community lenders throughout the country that offer transparent and responsible financing options designed to help them grow and thrive. Connect2Capital simplifies the business loan process for those who may be deemed ineligible for traditional financing options, without resorting to high-priced alternatives.

For mission-based lenders, finding new and creative ways to reach small business owners is a common need. In order to be more competitive in today’s market, the industry needs a keener understanding of the new landscape for small business financing, including how to build trust with small business owners who use technology and the Internet for loan research and application.


We also work with financial institutions to help connect businesses to complementary, non-competitive products and services that meet the needs of customers who are ineligible for their traditional financing options.

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