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Paycheck Protection Program Success Story

Story Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many lives, but for people with disabilities the impact can be catastrophic. With some at higher risk of infection and others reliant on home health services and support staff, people with disabilities need advocates and caregivers with the necessary personal protective equipment and resources.

Executive Director Judy Mark of California-based Disability Voices United knows that the organization’s work plays an essential role in the lives of those it serves. From advocating with state agencies to creating resources and webinars for people with disabilities and their families, Disability Voices United volunteers and paid staff (four part-time and one full-time) saw their workloads dramatically increase during the pandemic.

After receiving a referral to CRF from a webinar about PPP loans for nonprofits, Mark applied immediately and received her funds smoothly and quickly. The organization’s ability to get a PPP loan made it possible for Disability Voices United to pay its staff and ramp up its pandemic-related resources for the families it serves in order to meet unprecedented demand.

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