iPHO by Saigon

Bringing a cultural community together with food

Retained nearly 30 employees

Kept the restaurant open for its loyal clientele and newcomers

Business located in a low-income community with a 38% poverty rate

Paycheck Protection Program Success Story

Story Overview

For eight years, Thinh Pham has operated iPho by Saigon, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant with a large dining room and regular clientele. When Minnesota issued its stay-at-home order, iPho by Saigon needed to transition its business to a takeout and delivery model.

With a loyal clientele and a sense of community, this Vietnamese cultural cornerstone is an important part of the Vietnamese American community in the University Avenue neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minn.

Faced with the prospect of laying off staff, Pham sought a PPP loan from CRF to help make payroll and ensure iPho by Saigon could make the shift to takeout and delivery during the stay-at-home order.

iPho employees were ecstatic they could continue doing their jobs. The restaurant had successfully made the transition to takeout and delivery, and now iPho by Saigon will have the employees it needs to continue serving delicious Vietnamese food in Saint Paul.

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