Luv Dollz Natural

Taking a natural approach to skin care and beauty.

Woman-owned small business

Black-owned small business

Service continuity

Paycheck Protection Program Success Story

Story Overview

Melody Duncan holds a strong belief in nourishing and treating the body with natural products. Led by this passion, she launched Luv Dollz Natural in 2010 and began creating natural beauty products from her home.

As a home-based business, Melody manages her orders and clientele online. Using social media platforms, she connects with new customers and sells her products from a distance. During the pandemic, she has also been able to build stronger relationships with her family by incorporating them into the business operations and teaching them how to make her products.

In 2020, Melody started to investigate PPP loans and CDFIs and found CRF after being referred through an online source. Applying through CRF was easy and Melody was able to receive the funds quickly. The PPP loans allowed Melody to weather the pandemic and were used towards operating expenses, payroll, and inventory investments.

Now Melody feels very confident about the future of her business as her products will soon be placed on shelves in a beauty supply store.

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