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Paycheck Protection Program Success Story

Story Overview

The creative economy has launched thousands of artisans, crafters and makers into the world of entrepreneurship. Arts Wisconsin fosters this vital connection between the arts and the economy through community-based cultural development and resources for artists throughout the state.

When the organization’s membership and grant funding streams dried up during the COVID-19 pandemic, executive director Anne Katz worried most about making payroll to support the organization’s mission, vision and purpose, including a full-time staff member and contractors, interns and part-time staff employed during the economic downturn.

With Arts Wisconsin’s in-person advocacy work on hold, Katz sought a PPP loan from CRF in order to make payroll and ensure the 30-year-old organization could survive at a time when creative entrepreneurs needed its advocacy the most.

Through a referral from IFF, Katz applied for a PPP loan and got approval by the end of the same week. With the loan in hand for paying staff salary, the organization can re-focus its eff orts on rebuilding its donor base and continue to stay involved in the creative communities it serves.

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