Bouncing Beans In-Home Day Care

Caring for families in need

Woman-owned business

Service provider for a rural community

Continuity of services

Paycheck Protection Program Success Story

Story Overview

Emily Haupert is a natural mother and has always loved young children. As her own children grew, Haupert’s maternal instinct did not fade. She started Bouncing Beans In-Home Day Care as a way to give young children ages 0-4 a safe and healthy place to grow.

When COVID-19 hit, Haupert lost half of her families. Most were out of work or working from home, so day care was not a priority. Others simply could not afford to pay for childcare; rent, groceries and utilities came first. Emotionally, Haupert was devastated. Not for her own livelihood, but for the children she cares for and the families that rely on her. Haupert needed to figure out how to bring Bouncing Beans through the pandemic so her mission of helping children and families could continue.

After her mother, a business owner in Ohio, told Haupert about the PPP loan, she didn’t immediately think she would qualify. But after talking with CRF and applying for the loan, Haupert became more confident that Bouncing Beans would make it.

With a PPP loan to pay overhead expenses and ensure Haupert could continue to meet her household expenses, Bouncing Beans re-opened with five kids (down from 10 prior to the pandemic). Haupert believes that families will return once parents return to work. She conducts frequent video calls with children who are still staying home so she can assure them that they will be able to go back to school soon.

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