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Story Overview

Like so many others, Ali Jarvis is a dog person. Her company, Sidewalk Dog Media, specializes in attracting good people, bringing effective ideas to light, and relating anything and everything to dogs. Ali and her employees thrive on strengthening relationships between dogs, their people and the community we share.

With dog-friendly recommendations and reviews for Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, Denver and Seattle, Sidewalk Dog relies on sponsor partnerships to drive both its revenue and philanthropic activity, including support for dog rescue organizations.

When advertising revenue dropped and sponsored events were canceled due to stay-at-home orders, Sidewalk Dog and its four full-time and two part-time employees were desperate for a lifeline. That help arrived in the form of a PPP loan from CRF.

After applying for a CRF PPP loan, Jarvis was thrilled to receive PPP funds for Sidewalk Dog. Jarvis immediately re-hired two of the company’s full-time workers and intends to apply for PPP loan forgiveness.

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