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Political and corporate advisor, Dr. Reneé Carr is a problem solver, providing high-level solutions to complex challenges and helping states, countries, and corporations rebuild, reform, and transition in the face of crisis.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Dr. Carr faced a crisis of her own. With dozens of clients seeking her counsel, Dr. Carr had to practice her own advice: she had to pivot quickly to ensure both her clients and her business had strategies for continued near- and long-term success.

Dr. Carr’s goal for clients is to help them not only respond to a crisis but prevent a crisis by responding correctly the first time to a difficult issue. Her goal for her own practice during COVID-19 was the same – mitigate the disruption by making an immediate and well-considered response. The first step was getting a PPP loan.

In the beginning of the program, not all prospective borrowers understood whether they qualified for a PPP loan. Dr. Carr was an early applicant for a loan because she needed continuity of services. Her staff is a critical asset for her practice, and she couldn’t have handled the increased workload from clients without retaining her employees.

After trying to get a loan from her bank and receiving autoreplies and automated voice mails about her application, Dr. Carr got in touch with CRF and received a call the same day. After working with CRF to re-apply for her loan, she got her funding one week before the first round of PPP closed.

Today, Dr. Carr continues to be busy, as clients facing their own COVID-19 challenges have turned to her practice for strategic counsel. Thanks to the PPP loan, Dr. Carr can fulfill her mission as a problem solver and can continue to help drive cooperation and achievement for both public and private change-makers.

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