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The Urban Collaborative Project (UCP) is an inclusive effort to make San Diego, Calif. more vibrant, informed and connected. Based on the belief that vibrant neighborhoods are critical to the overall success of the city, UCP focuses on community trauma and resilience – ensuring food access, school support, community infrastructure, creative placemaking and more.

When California issued its stay-at-home order, the services that nearly 10,000 people relied on were in jeopardy. Although the organization had long-term contracts for site-based services, UCP operations were disrupted due to its diversity of programming and reliance on face-to-face contact.

The stay-at-home order also created difficulties for UCP clients, who desperately needed resources to cope with loss of income and disruption. Site-based programs needed to be replaced with virtualized services. While UCP struggled to pay expenses, critical service delivery was being hampered. The organization needed a stopgap solution to ensure its clients’ lives would not suffer.

UCP received a SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from CRF and immediately used it to pay its three employees, all specialists in their specific program areas, including food support, health and arts education. Without the PPP loan, UCP may have been forced to cut services, limit payroll spending and increase its reliance on private donations to continue its mission.

Now, UCP is able to meet its obligations and continue its programming. By keeping its employees, the organization ensured that continuity of client services was preserved and that families were continuing to grow and thrive in their respective communities.

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