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Los Angeles, California
Private Law Practice

Story Overview

Ms. Lan Nguyen, Esq. has practiced law since 2002, specializing in civil litigation, family law, mediation and dispute resolution. The sensitive nature of Nguyen’s work demands that she maintain a physical office space.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Nguyen thought about shuttering her practice. The expenses associated with her office space in Downtown Los Angeles were becoming too much to bear as revenue dropped. When Nguyen called her bank, they were unable to help her and were unresponsive throughout the application process.

Nguyen applied for a PPP loan from CRF to help pay expenses and keep her office open. Every step of the way, Nguyen received personal service – and a live person to talk to – during the application, approval and disbursement process. Her online application was processed quickly, with CRF technology helping Nguyen get all of her business’ financial information organized and allowing her to track her application.

With help from CRF, Nguyen was able to keep her office open and continue providing vital legal services to help families in L.A. address complex legal disputes and challenges safely and confidentially.

CRF was straightforward and always reachable if I had questions. It was a wonderful experience and the loan came just in time to help me keep my modest law practice afloat during very uncertain times.

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