Maximize small business impact

Access to capital is just one piece of a strong small business ecosystem. CRF tools and services complement the services offered by other small business support organizations to make sure that entrepreneurs receive the support they need to thrive.
Work with CRF to increase efficiency and reach more small business owners.

Our work with CDFIs and Business Support Organizations include:

Tailored solutions that strengthen small business communities

Hands-on loan application support

Expert training and onboarding

Access to a network of other small business support organizations

Our Approach

Our deep knowledge of program design and administration gives communities that work with us advantages in realizing their goals.

Program Planning & Design

After being invited by community members, CRF and our partners listen and learn about the local economic landscape, including the key players and stakeholders, business environment, challenges and gaps in financial services.

Program Management

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to execute on community-specific plans, outlining roles and responsibilities for all players and ensuring collaboration throughout all project phases.

Program Evaluation

We’re always seeking to improve the way we work with communities. CRF evaluates each solution during and after implementation to measure success and impact, modifying the strategy as appropriate for best results.

Bringing it all together.

Each of CRF’s solution offerings are critical components of our program offerings for small businesses. Depending on the needs of each community served, CRF has the ability to draw on its expertise in lending, technology, and services to inform program creation.

CRF Lending

Leverage our lending products to increase the flow of capital to small businesses.

CRF Services

Amplify your small business lending programs with capacity-building services.

CRF Technology

Expand your reach and grow lending capacity through integrated technology solutions that enable opportunity.

Collective Impact in Action.

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