Los Ninos Services

New York City, New York

Story Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially trying for families, particularly those who care for children with disabilities. Nowhere is this more apparent than New York City, and Los Niños Services – as one of the city’s largest providers of early childhood services for young children with special needs – needed a hand-up to ensure these services could be continued. After all, more than 2,000 families were counting on them.

The company’s revenue had dropped to zero. The state closed all of the company’s service centers and stopped all home care services. Despite being one of the earliest adopters of special education telehealth services in New York City, Los Niños experienced a downturn in business that may have made recovery impossible.

Los Niños needed to work very quickly to ensure their clients’ needs were being met. The company’s more than 300 staff members – dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families – were also desperately ready to provide these essential services, as well as provide for their own families.

As a bridge to rebuilding the company’s revenue stream through telehealth services, Los Niños applied for an SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from CRF.

The SBA PPP loan was also a relief to Mesh and his wife, a co-owner of the business, and not just for financial reasons. Los Niños families continue to express their appreciation and gratitude to the company, as there is a high level of care needed to improve quality of life, self-care and more. When it comes to early intervention, there is a therapist shortage across the U.S., especially in areas where inequity represents an obstacle to care.

When we learned that we would receive a SBA PPP loan from CRF, our entire staff and our community of clients were overjoyed. Had we not been able to make the switch to telehealth, our families would have been without the care their children need. CRF and the SBA PPP loan helped us ensure we could continue to be a part of these families’ lives.

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