Cyrus Kharas

VP of Program Design and Execution

As CRF’s Vice President of Program Design and Execution, Cyrus Kharas works collaboratively with community partners and stakeholders to co-create and implement program-based solutions that scale capital access for small businesses in communities historically excluded from the financial mainstream. He is responsible for designing and implementing funding structures and programs to help enable CRF’s mission and vision.

Prior to CRF, Kharas served as senior director and the head of the Impact Investing team at Arabella Advisors. Kharas worked across a broad range of Arabella’s individual, institutional, and corporate clients, and contributed to the firm’s analysis of trends and opportunities in the impact investing field.

He also spent several years at Goldman Sachs in the investment management division and served as an analyst at Calvert Impact Capital.

Kharas began his career at the US Treasury Department in the Office of International Affairs. He holds a BA from Tufts University in psychology and economics and an MBA with a concentration in economics from NYU Stern School of Business.