CRF is dedicated to strengthening communities through access to Quality and Accessible Jobs in Low-Income Communities throughout the nation.

CRF Provide access to flexible (gap) financing through the Federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program.

Our strategy is to use NMTCs to support businesses that are committed to creating/retaining Quality Jobs and Accessible Jobs for residents of Low-Income Communities (LICs) and Low-Income Persons (LIPs) nationally.

We direct our federal NMTCs to manufacturing/industrial businesses – the “bedrock” of American Quality Jobs that produces a vibrant middle class in this country.

CRF has received $969.5 million from NMTC allocation authority. CRF finances industrial and manufacturing operating companies through facility expansion, construction and acquisition and installation of equipment. To date, CRF has funded 340 NMTC loans in 181 communities across 36 states.

Community center building

Eligibility Requirements:

Be in a NMTC qualifying non-metropolitan county or in Severely Distressed LIC (poverty 30%, MFI < 60% or unemployment > 1.5x national average)

Primarily fund real estate

A manufacturing/industrial business that has a proven track record of hiring, training, and maintaining workers with quality wages and benefits

Exhibit the need for a NMTC subsidy to achieve feasibility and the desired quality and meet quality job and accessible job required outcomes

Produce strong community support and tangible evidence of LIC support through its priorities, partnerships, and actions

Learn more about the New Markets Tax Credit Program through the CDFI Fund

Empowering Communities, Strengthening Local Economies

Experienced Partner

We’ve received $969.5 million in NMTC allocations, funding more than 300 projects

Sustainable Impact

More than 2 million people impacted by the community facilities supported by the CRF NMTC program

Quality Jobs

More than 38,000 jobs created across the country as a result of the CRF NMTC program

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