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As a licensed acupuncturist, Faune Towery believes in treating people through traditional Chinese Medicine. Towery opened Napa Acupuncture Practice, a health clinic in Napa, California in 2013. It was not until 2016 that Faune turned her clinic into a nonprofit in hopes of providing more subsidized acupuncture treatments. Adults and children often need acupuncture treatments to manage illnesses of the body and mind while improving their quality of life. Functioning as a health clinic instead of a luxury spa allows Faune to offer acupuncture treatments at a low cost for those in need.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Faune had to close her health clinic. Unable to pay her employees, Faune applied for a 2021 PPP loan at her bank but was denied. Towery was in a difficult position as she needed the loan to pay her employees but could not move forward as the bank had not withdrawn her application. This complicated things for Faune as she was in dire need of a loan to keep her business afloat.

While doing some research, Faune came across an online magazine article that mentioned CRF. It was then that she decided to apply through CRF in hopes of receiving the funding her organization needed. Napa Acupuncture Practice was able to receive the funds just in time to help retain her employees.

Today business is slowly increasing through referrals as more people seek acupuncture treatments. For now, Faune continues to apply for grants to reduce the price for people in need and plans to invest in hiring another practitioner.

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