Stand with Trans

Lifesaving support and resources for families

Staff retention

Nonprofit organization with a community-based mission

Serving transgender youth and families

Paycheck Protection Program Success Story

Story Overview

Roz Gould Keith is a mom first, not a crusader. Her love for her son Hunter guides her vision for Stand with Trans, a national advocacy and support organization for transgender youth and their families.

As a mom, Roz understands how families with transgender youth can provide the most loving and understanding support possible. Stand with Trans fosters that understanding with hundreds of families in the Detroit area and across the country. The organization’s programming includes parent, youth and family support groups, as well as art therapy and other methods designed to bring families closer together with love and compassion.

When the COVID-19 pandemic made face-to-face interaction impossible, Stand with Trans had to work quickly to transition its services to an online platform. The organization’s ally parent program – a support network of trans-positive parents – already had a national presence, and the pandemic provided an opportunity for Stand with Trans to expand its audience beyond the Detroit area.

Facing a reduction in grant funding and a changing programming environment, Stand with Trans sought a PPP loan to keep its one full-time employee on payroll and working. With the loan in hand, the organization is now focused on expanding its programming to popular youth social media platforms like TikTok (where there is a large trans youth following) and re-thinking fundraising opportunities in the wake of social distancing.

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