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Peggy Warren has been working with horses since 1993 and participating in horse shows is what she loves best. It was through her love of horses that she decided to build her own facility – Warren Farm – in Emerald, Wisconsin in 2002. Warren Farm is a full-service facility with an indoor arena, along with training, riding, and breeding services.

At the time of the pandemic, Warren was in Florida working at the dressage winter circuit. People from all over the world would come to the horse shows. However, COVID-19 restrictions caused horse shows to cancel and facilities to close.

Although Warren Farm was able to remain open, the costs of operation and utilities led Warren to sell land and take money out from her savings and retirement. While it was enough to keep the facility open, Warren had to find a way to pay off a $500K loan she had used to build an arena on the property while generating income for other expenses as most of her income was earned through horse shows.

Warren was familiar of CRF’s work from her time as a finance director at another organization. With her background in business and accounting, Peggy saved all her financial information and applied for a PPP loan in 2021.

With her PPP loan approved, Warren was able to get the funds she needed just in time to make payments on her loan and hire her seasonal contract workers. As business resumes following the pandemic, Warren has many horse shows planned for 2021 and is now contracting for 2022 shows.

Excited to get back into the horse show industry, Warren plans to diversify and make use of her properties to prepare for further horse show cancellations.

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