Our Impact



Lives Improved and Communities Strengthened.

What Change Looks Like

By transforming the community development finance system, CRF and its partners are building stronger local economies, enhancing job growth and supporting economic mobility. That means more business start-ups, more funding for business expansions, more resources for hiring and retaining talent, and greater economic empowerment for everyone living and working in under-invested communities. Since its inception in 1988, CRF has delivered more than $3.5 billion in capital to communities in need. But we measure our impact in human terms. We believe a loan isn’t just a loan: it represents a chance at building community wealth, improving quality of life and creating positive, sustainable change.

134,000 Jobs Created and Retained

When job growth happens systematically and businesses create jobs, it can improve quality-of-life for everyone living and working in a community.

Over 1.8 Million People Served by CRF’s Work

Whether it’s financing a job-creating small business, a community facility or housing, our work has a ripple effect that touches the entire community.

1,000+ Communities Across All 50 States Impacted

CRF collaborates with its national network of community partners to expand its reach.

4,000+ Small Businesses Served

CRF and its partners in communities across the country help connect the entire finance ecosystem to better serve small businesses.

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