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Understand, measure and catalyze impact

CRF Insights provides CDFIs and other mission-aligned organizations with real-time data and insights about their small business customers. These insights help business coaches and lenders develop tailored advisory services to position their customers for success while significantly improving reporting outcomes, creating predictive models, and enhancing portfolio management processes.

Empower Business Owners with Free, Dynamic Profiles

Provide small business owners with a reusable, dynamic profile that streamlines their access to support. By connecting their bank accounts and tracking cash flows, business owners can easily share information about their business with lenders and coaches. No more tedious, repetitive applications – our technology keeps profiles up- to- date and ready for any opportunity.
crf insights interface with chart
crf insights interface with chart

Financial Health Monitoring System

A win-win solution for financial institutions and their customers that provides proactive monitoring and support. Our opt-in and fully transparent financial monitoring system offers continuous monitoring of your customers’ financial health, providing the opportunity to proactively engage and position your customers for success.

Targeted Business Coaching

Focus on each business owner’s specific goals with personalized advice and resources. By understanding the unique needs of each business, you can offer tailored advice and resources that help business owners achieve their goals more efficiently. Say goodbye to generic advice and make a real difference with personalized support.

crf insights interface with chart

Impact Evaluation Made Easy

Evaluate your organization’s impact using data already generated through support processes. Gain insights into the effectiveness of your interventions, showcase the value of your organization, and make data-driven decisions to improve your support strategies. With our user- friendly interface and visualization, tracking your organization’s impact has never been easier.

Catalyze Impact Through Intelligent Recommendations

Ground interventions, economic development, and policies in empirical data for targeted, efficient, and effective assistance. Our platform analyzes each business’s unique context and journey to suggest the best resources and support strategies, helping you provide the most effective assistance.

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