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A Gateway to Secondary Markets

Simplify Loan Sales

Standardize the process of selling your loan portfolios. CRF Exchange clearly outlines the information you need to securely sell loan portfolios to interested buyers and can be customized for different loan programs.
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Centralize Loan Reporting

Collect and track all your loan portfolios in one place. CRF Exchange allows you to track customized data points for compliance reporting for complex government programs, as well as view your portfolios’ remittance reports in one centralized platform.

Access Secondary Markets

Find interested buyers fast. CRF Exchange connects lenders to other organizations looking to purchase loan portfolios. Enabling you to quickly sell your portfolio and reinvest that money into your organization.
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What you get working with CRF

CRF offers a holistic set of solutions to help small business support organizations reach more customers, increase efficiency and maximize impact.

State-of-the-art Technology Integration and Support

Access to partner network to increase lending and business advisory support opportunities

Work with a national CDFI dedicated to providing access to capital for small businesses

Proven platform that has matched over 100,000 small businesses to responsible lending

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