Board Member Spotlight: Dan Spiller

Get to know CRF’s board members by reading our Board Member Spotlight series! Check out this ongoing series to learn more about each member, including why they joined the board, what goals they have for CRF and what they do for fun.

In the newest edition of our Board Member Spotlight series, we’re featuring Dan Spiller of U.S. Bank. Read more about Dan below: 

Do you work for another organization? Where do you work? How would you describe your current role?

U.S. Bank. I’m the bank’s chief risk officer for our payments businesses. I have responsibility for a business of about 10,000 people driving revenue of about $6 billion on a $30 billion balance sheet. A typical day will include discussions on strategy, operations and investments. In more typical times, I travel frequently engaging with team members and regulators throughout North America and Europe.

Tell us a little about yourself and your experiences. How did this experience lead to your passion for economic justice?

I was born in Los Angeles and have spent the majority of my career in New York and Minneapolis. I’ve been a banker my entire career, starting at an international bank. I joined U.S. Bank in 1998. My focus on economic justice is derived by the knowledge that enhancing financial markets to serve everyone lifts the economic lives of everyone.

Why were you interested in serving on the CRF Board of Trustees?

I was asked to assume a board seat that has been a part of our company’s service tradition since we made one of the initial investments in the first CRF securitization. I had a lot of experience in structured finance and wholesale banking that I felt was relevant and could help the CRF team.

What goals do you have for CRF?

  1. Focus on the market and deliver solutions that will allow significant opportunities in the small business community.
  2. Transition successfully to the objectives of our strategic plan and deliver on those objectives

Where do you see opportunities for CRF or others to help create a more equitable economy for all?

Delivering against small business finance needs and supporting others who do as well.

What other causes do you support?

I’ve served many other nonprofits as a board leader ranging from a summer camp to the Hennepin County Library Foundation to the local American Heart Association chapter. I’ve been involved in others as a volunteer or board member.

What do you do for fun?

Read and spend time outdoors.

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