Board Member Spotlight: Gavin Borowiak

Get to know CRF’s board members by reading our Board Member Spotlight series! Check out this ongoing series to learn more about each member, including why they joined the board, what goals they have for CRF and what they do for fun.

In the newest edition of our Board Member Spotlight series, we’re featuring Gavin Borowiak of JPM Chase. Read more about Gavin below:

Do you work for another organization? Where do you work? How would you describe your current role?

JPM Chase.   I Currently oversee 3 business lines under our national Business Banking segment which focuses on customers with revenues between $1MM-$20MM:

(1) Responsible for our national Government and Not For Profit (GNP) business nationally.  GNP provides financial solutions (credit, depository and cash management) to local municipalities and Not For Profits.

(2) Responsible for our Market Expansion business nationally.  In 2021 Chase became the first Bank to have branches in all of the lower 48 states.  My team provides Business Banking solutions to small business owners in coordination with the branch expansion.

(3) Responsible for our Minority Entrepreneur build out as part of our $30 billion Racial Equity Commitment where Chase has committed to lend an incremental $2B / 15,000 loans to small business owners in underserved communities by 2025.  To support these small business owners we created a team of Sr Business Consultants in 20 cities focused on providing mentoring/coaching support to small business owners in their journey.

Tell us a little about yourself and your experiences. How did this experience lead to your passion for economic justice?

I’ve been with Chase for 27 years in a variety of roles across lines of business and geographies.  Over the last 7 years my focus has been on small business support and development which has afforded me the opportunity to see the power of a coordinated community support ecosystem.  Underserved communities need more than just a healthy banking system, they need strong community leaders, an engaged not for profit community and an invested corporate community.  In markets like Chicago and Detroit we’ve seen where that engagement can make a difference in turning an underserved community around through active collaboration and innovation.  It’s my goal to help replicate and expand those initiatives within other communities so everyone has an opportunity to succeed in a fair and just way.

Why were you interested in serving on the CRF Board of Trustees?

My initial introduction to CRF was through our Corporate Responsibility and Philanthropy arm of JPM Chase.  We are both a previous and current grantor of funds to CRF including helping with the development of key programs like Spark and Connect2Capital.  In learning more about CRF it was clear that their mission of innovation, small business support and economic justice parity aligned with many of the goals we were trying to accomplish.  My hope is that our continued partnership will continue to foster the sharing of ideas and solutions to help positively shift the landscape in the future.

What goals do you have for CRF?

CRF has an incredible reputation as an industry thought leader, providing innovative tools and support for the CDFI community.  That can be a daunting goal to stay ahead of as innovation requires the ability to constantly stay abreast of trends and shifts in the environment and understanding when to monitor and when to react.  My goal is to continue to help and challenge CRF to be that industry thought leader and innovator as we support underserved business and community ecosystems across the nation.

Where do you see opportunities for CRF or others to help create a more equitable economy for all?

CRF’s vision for the support of a more equitable economy continues to evolve and I’m encouraged by the consistent strategic focus the leadership team puts on ensuring they are at the forefront of innovation and support.  Currently it appears the opportunity involves helping to leverage their existing platforms to provide more technical assistance to small business owners and create new product solutions as we improve access to capital to all small business owners.  The other opportunity is to act as the key connection point as we work to build integrated community ecosystems – this is a transformation view that would help to link all the resources and opportunities supporting underserved communities.  I’m honored to be part of and excited about the continuing evolution of CRF.

What other causes do you support?

Through my various roles within Chase, I’m actively involved in engaging and partnering with the not for profit community supporting small business.  I spend time with our Firm’s local Management Leadership Teams in key locations helping to advise them on issues and solutions needed to drive impact and change at a local level.  Personally, my wife and I are actively involved in supporting the arts and are learning the local AZ community with our recent move.  We are also the owner of a rescue dog and have a passion for animal rescue and advocacy.

What do you do for fun?

My wife and I just relocated to Arizona so enjoying the outdoors including hiking, running, mountain biking.  I travel most weeks for work so try and experience new cities by running in the morning and try to bring out some of the local teams to join me.  We’re currently finishing up furnishing the new house and are looking forward to things opening back up so we can think about our next vacation – hopefully somewhere with great food and wine.

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