Board Member Spotlight: Reza Aghamirzadeh

Get to know CRF’s board members by reading our Board Member Spotlight series! Check out this ongoing series to learn more about each member, including why they joined the board, what goals they have for CRF and what they do for fun.

In the newest edition of our Board Member Spotlight series, we’re featuring Reza Aghamirzadeh of Citizens Bank. Read more about Reza below:

Do you work for another organization? Where do you work? How would you describe your current role? 

I lead the Community Development Division for Citizens Bank. In that capacity, I oversee the organization’s affordable housing and economic development lending and investments businesses, financial education efforts, engagement with organizations in economic and community development fields, as well as Community Reinvestment Act oversight programs. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your experiences. How did this experience lead to your passion for economic justice? 

My wife and I have been married for over 30-years and have one daughter who recently completed her master’s program in Urban Planning. Early in my career I managed a bank branch in the most economically and racially diverse section of Seattle. That experience highlighted for me the impact of wealth inequities across races and the importance of addressing the divide. 

Why were you interested in serving on the CRF Board of Trustees? 

I started working with CRF early in my career, when CRA was just getting started and was establishing a local loan advisory board to support lending in local communities. I’ve always viewed the firm as a leader in the field and was thrilled to be able to join the board and contribute to its efforts. 

What goals do you have for CRF? 

To continue to be the thought leader in developing financial, technical and policy tools to address wealth inequities in our communities. Also, to be known for our flawless execution and unwavering commitment to our local community partners. 

Where do you see opportunities for CRF or others to help create a more equitable economy for all? 

Continue our efforts to leverage technology to bring financial capacity to address local needs. 

What other causes do you support? 

Youth education and advancement. I serve on the Board of my local YMCA and view efforts to improve education and social outcome for children from disadvantaged backgrounds as a critical component of addressing income and wealth inequities. 

What do you do for fun? 

I enjoy spending time with family and friends and participating in sports. I am an avid soccer player and enjoy skiing. 

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