This Mother’s Day Celebrate Mom-Owned Businesses and the Women Behind Them

Mother’s Day is a great time to remember and celebrate moms—both our own mothers, and others around the world. Moms who run their own businesses bring a compassionate, caring, and practical approach to what they do—balancing the needs of theirs and other children with running a successful organization that helps their customers and communities.

Mom-owned businesses contribute enormously to the U.S. economy: 

  • One in three of woman-owned businesses is owned by a mom, which is more than four million businesses. 
  • Fifty-seven percent of moms who own a business are 40 years old or older.  
  • Almost three-quarters of moms with a business balance entrepreneurship while being the primary childcare provider in the family 
  • Eighty percent started their businesses after having children.

“When most women begin a small business, it often aims to help people. They start more businesses in the healthcare, educational, and social assistance industries than men. This means that their efforts not only help the economies of local communities but also directly impacts the people positively.”DiverseID, Why A Woman-Owned Small Business Is A Big Deal & Valuable To Economies   

We’re delighted to assist mom-owned businesses. Here are some of the mom-owned businesses that we’d like to highlight.

LTH Infants and Toddlers

LTH Infants and Toddlers is a Black-owned, woman-owned D.C.-based small business providing childcare services to infants and toddlers.

  • Sylvia Crews, a mother of six, runs LTH Infants and Toddlers, supporting families based in Southeast Washington, DC.
  • She specializes in education-based childcare for young children, with a dedicated focus on curriculum, safety, and parent education.
  • COVID-19 forced Sylvia to temporarily close her daycare business, but a PPP loan enabled LTH to continue staying in close contact, to keep the bonds and attachments between parent, child, and childcare team intact during an uncertain time.

Azucar Ice Cream Company

Azucar Ice Cream Company is a Hispanic-owned, woman-owned, Miami-based business that sells ice cream and treats while celebrating the Cuban culture.

  • It was Suzanne Batlle’s children who convinced her to start an ice cream shop, and she opened Azucar in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood in 2011.
  • The business was becoming more successful every year, until, in 2020, the pandemic significantly reduced demand for Suzanne’s ice cream.
  • We were able to provide a PPP loan to Azucar, allowing them to keep 12 employees on payroll and move to a takeout and delivery business model.
  • Now, customers are returning, and the company has expanded its delivery service.

Bouncing Beans In-Home Daycare

Bouncing Beans In-Home Daycare is a woman-owned, Lonsdale, MN-based business providing childcare and daycare.

  • Emily Haupert started her childcare business as a way to give young children ages 0-4 a safe and healthy place to grow.
  • During the pandemic, the business lost half of its client families. Many customers were out of work or working from home, so daycare was not a priority. Others simply could not afford to pay for childcare, as rent, groceries, and utilities came first.
  • Emily applied for and received a PPP loan from CRF, which helped Bouncing Beans cover expenses and re-open its doors to five children.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your moms, these moms, and other mothers everywhere!

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