Jennifer Ericson Wins Coleman’s Mission-Based SBA Lender of the Year!

Jennifer Ericson

Congratulations to Community Reinvestment Fund, USA’s (CRF) Jennifer Ericson for being named 2018’s Coleman Mission-Based SBA Lender of the Year!

Jennifer works as CRF’s Regional Director of Business Development for the East and Midwest regions of the United States. Her responsibilities include relationship-building with partner organizations across the nation as well as thoughtfully and effectively guiding small business owners through the loan application process.

A Career Dedicated to Financial Equity

Jennifer has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector in roles ranging from commercial banking to social investments. She joined CRF almost seven years ago and has been an advocate for small business owners since day one.

To Jennifer, CRF’s mission of “improving lives through innovative financial solutions” isn’t just a job, it’s a way to enrich lives and communities throughout the nation and close the widening opportunity gap—particularly for communities of color.

The most satisfying part of her job, according to her, is “working with people who are taking risks to create jobs and wealth, not just for themselves but for their whole community.”

No matter how difficult the loan transaction, Jennifer works tirelessly to provide the best solution possible for the small business because she knows a loan is never just a loan. It’s a chance for that small business to begin or continue making change in their community.

Congratulations, Jennifer! We’re proud to have you on the CRF team!

Learn more about how you can partner with Jennifer to promote inclusive entrepreneurship.

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