How Small Business Bankers Can Help Finance Clients

As a small business banker, you know that it can be difficult for small businesses to get their loans approved. Lending requirements tend to be more difficult for small businesses to meet – especially for those working in communities who may need the funding the most. Your underwriting department might not be able to approve certain loans because of loan size, industry concentration, collateral gaps, or turnaround situations.

It may feel like you’ve run out of options to help your client. However, there is often an opportunity to work with nonprofit lenders such as Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF). This can help you continue to add value to your client without risking that they start working with another for-profit bank.

Why CRF?

It may come as a surprise that a nonprofit organization can provide your solution. But actually, our nonprofit status and our driving ideals are what make us special. A community-driven nonprofit lender like CRF will look at more than the criteria associated with risk. As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a Preferred SBA Lender, we take the time to understand the story behind the numbers and can often say yes when other lenders are forced to say no.

Improving communities through ethical and responsible lending is our mission. We don’t charge high interest rates and fees for the sake of our own profit. Whereas credit challenges, collateral gaps, and limited business and financial experience could disqualify a small business elsewhere, our financing is flexible and accessible to businesses. We work with our businesses as partners, offering as much transparency as possible so that you and your client can feel fully confident in the management of their loan.

First Steps

Our system thrives on communication, so getting in contact and talking to us about your clients’ needs is the first step. Join Our Referral Network and we’ll be in contact within two business days. For every client you refer to us and whom we provide financing, we will make a donation in your honor to a nonprofit organization*!

When you refer your small business client to CRF, everyone benefits; you get to retain your client with the knowledge they’re receiving great service, your client receives a sustainable financing solution to help them maximize their resources and grow their business, and their community gets all the benefits of a thriving, healthy business. When you’re seeking solutions for the customers you can’t serve, CRF is the clear choice. Contact us today!

All loans subject to credit approval.

*Referral Partner may request that donations are made to a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, which such a donation will be made following a successful closing of a referred loan. All donations are subject to review and approval by CRF, in its sole discretion. If CRF determines that it will not make a donation as originally requested, CRF will work with the referral partner to designate an alternative tax-exempt recipient. Donation may not be made to an organization that may use the donation for lobbying or other political action.

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